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Tuesday, February 28, 2006


JAJAH in another kind of web call back technology. Apparently it doesn't use VoIP technology. No program download and installation needed, no headset, just use normal phone (but internet connection is still needed to insert phone numbers).

The application is very simple to use, visit their website, enter our phone number on their webpage, enter our destination number and press the call button. A few seconds later our home phone and our friend's phone will be ringing, pick it up, and then wait until our friend answers our call. It is terribly simple.

Now, one thing I don't really know is how low their rates are. Obviously it looks very low but I think my international calling card costs me even less. Err...may be not, because I have to pay $0.40 for a call to a local number everytime I want to use the card.

Nevertheless, it looks really simple.

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