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Sunday, February 05, 2006

Endless Love

Endless Love is, I think, the title of one of Korean or Hongkong TV series which was shown on Indonesian TV station a couple years ago. I can't remember exactly when and what TV station showed it on their weekly programme, because I never followed this movie at all. But this is not about TV series, I just saw this "Endless Love" in real life. Perhaps I should not say "endless" because the love among this couple has been going for "only" 50 years.

Our Parish in Oakleigh East was visited by the Bishop of Melbourne today. He led our Eucarist together with our Parish Priest, Father Paul, and Father Maloney, the vice-rector of the Catholic University of Melbourne. After finishing his homily, the Bishop was asked to bless and renew the marriage sacrament of an old couple. It was the couple's "50 years of marriage" aniversary. That means, this grandpa and grannie got marriage in 1956, not long after the 2nd world war ceased.

For a couple to get through 50 years of marriage together is nothing short of a great achievement nowdays. It is very difficult to have a relationship which lasts as long as 20 years in this "you-can-do-what-you-want" country, let alone 50 years. Infidelity leading divorce is common thing in many places at the moment. There are more and more couples prefering "partnership" to "marriage". Even there are more man or woman who wants sex only but not relationship, let alone marriage. "Sex is for fun!" they say, and this is the way to live in the future. Just like pigs or dogs which can have sex anywhere and whenever they want. If you condemn this act, then you are called a "saddo", "no life", "ugly" or "nobody like you".

I am sure during the 50 year marriage not all is happy days, there must be days when the relationship nearly break-down, perhaps there were some quarels or even some fightings (you never know this kind of thing happens). Howeverm it is the dedication and committment of either the husband or wife to have a family which should be praised. I know of people who already have 30 years of marriage in which sometime was like hell in their house. Shouting to each other and fighting, which eventually led to domestic abuse.

Sometimes you wonder if you can have this long and successful relationship yourself, forming a happy family, doing things together, supporting each other and taking care of each other. You wonder if you can get a wife or a husband, who wants to committ her/himself to be part of the family you want to build, having children, raising them up so that they can do good things for this world and trully love you.

Back to the Endless Love and 50 years of marriage, I can only say "W.O.W..."! That's long time, very very long. I am sure that relationship is built upon their faith in God. I am impressed, and long may it continue....to the end of life....

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