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Thursday, February 02, 2006

Internet Addicted

I know it's not good, and I know it makes me un-productive, but Jesus, please help me! I can't resist to check my email every 3 minutes, and then visit a forum in every 5 minutes, or check the latest news on the BBC or The Age or The Guardian and also check my webmail or my Friendster. It is terrible!

I am not happy with myself, you know, in the psychological term: I'm depressed! I don't know how to fight this internet thingy, I just can't resist to get connected. Perhaps the best thing is to disconnect my PC from the internet. But then I need internet connection to download papers and find information related to my research. And more importantly I need it for sending and receiving emails. Oopsstt!

Ah well, I will let it happens then. I am sure I can strive through this challenge. I better stop writing now, otherwise I will be un-productive today.

Back to work...

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