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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Parking a car at the corner between 2 streets

One thing I find strange here in Madrid is, we are allowed to park a car at the corner between two streets. Usually this is done when we need to stop by, just for a couple minutes and do not intend to park for hours. All we need to do is just turn on the emergency light. That's it.

I have no idea whether this is actually illegal or not, but many people do it and I have never seen police fine drivers who park their cars at the corner of the streets. It is possible that this kind of parking can only be done on small streets, not on main roads in the centre of the city where traffic is heavy.

Nevertheless, this is the first time I see people park their cars at the corners of 2 streets. It certainly does not happen in Indonesia, neither does it in Australia, well, at least based on my experience there.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Bad Wine

It costs just over €2 a bottle, in fact, a litter. It was €2.35 precisely. The reason I bought it was because I wanted the bottle, which I am going to use as a water bottle in my office. Having a water bottle means I don't need to walk to our pantry every time I need to drink just a little cup of water. It is not that I don't want to walk at all but I can walk to the pantry 20 times a day just for drinking 100 ml of water because the only available cup is in this size.

This wine tastes awful, even for someone who knows nothing about wine, which is me. I can tell if it tastes really awful because it's sour. It leaves bad taste in my mouth after drinking it.

I guess we can tell from its price really. We can expect nothing from a bottle of wine that costs only €2.35/l. The only good thing I can think of this wine is its bottle. A water bottle that costs me €2.35, not bad really.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Fighting for Survival - Self-Taught Spanish 1

So, how do you order a Subway when you don't speak Spanish at all?

Well, first of all, remember the steps here:
1. Choose from Subway menu (don't forget to remember numbers in Spanish)
2. Decide type of bread you want and its size
3. Order for extra cheese or no
4. Add vegetables
5. Add Sauce
6. Eat in or take away
7. Ask how much the price is

In Spanish, you will have to say:
1. Subway: Pollo Teriyaki (for example), or say Numero Uno, Dos, Tres,... (1,2,3,...)
2. Tipo de pan...(choose from the pictures, there are 4 types: blanco, integral, avena dulce and another one...I can't remember). The size option is either mediano (mid size) or grande (full size)
3. No extra queso (no extra cheese)
4. Con lechuga, tomate y cebolla (with lettuce, tomato and onion), con acetuna y pepino (with olive and cucumber)
5. Salsa mayonnaise (for example if you want mayonnaise or just point any one you want)
6. Para comer aqui (Eat in) or para llevar (take away)
7. Cuanto es? (How much?)

If the person who serves you asks too many questions, just say: sorry mate, I don't understand what you're talking about. Just fucking give me what I said and be quick! I am fucking hungry now, asshole!

Okay, good luck!