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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Reducing Phone Bill

There are several ways which we can do to reduce our phone bill. Using voice messenger and webphone program among others are the answers, and now web call back technology like JAJAH and CALL2 also help.

For domestic purpose, the bill reduction perhaps is only small, however for international destinations, it will be a huge saving. Obviously it will depend on from where to where the call is being made.

Web call back tehnology allows us to move around while calling, because we don't use headset and only need computer when inserting phone numbers and it gives us more mobility. We can even call from anywhere using mobile phone because if we use CALL2 service because they provide "call back by sms" service, we send sms to a number, write down our call destination and wait for call back and connection. Quite simple and cheap as well.

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