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Monday, February 27, 2006

IndoExpats in Oil & Gas Industry

This is a right time for mid-career petroleum geologists to change something in their work-life, by joining another oil company. Petroleum geology skills are being sought by many companies especially in South East Asia, where there are few only universities offering geology-/petroleum geology-related education.

Indonesia, in which there are at least 10 universities providing proper geology course, get an advantage from the high demand on young geologist/geophysicist in the SE Asia region. Many young Indonesian geoscientists are now working for companies in Siingapore, Thailand, Malaysia, and Brunei Darussalam. Some even work in the Middle East and Australia.

The only problem is, all these "expatriates" are actually highly qualified people who can contribute something to Indonesia. However, the good thing is, these people create employment for other Indonesian to work in the company where they used to work for. In away, it helps other Indonesian to get a job in oil and gas industry. Not only that, but they also earn nice US Dollar which they can send back to their families in Indonesia.

Talking about the salary of these Indonesia expatriates, it is probably not as high as those paid to Caucasian expatriates. The difference is very likely due to several reasons incluing the standard of living in Indonesia is not as high as it is in, for example, England, Australia, Canada or United States, and also due to the difference in skills and experiences.

Nevertheless, Indonesia are able to export highly inlectual workers in oil and gas industry now, apart from providing domestic assistant (who often get beaten by their employers and come back home paralysed).

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