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Monday, February 13, 2006

Melbourne Weather

I was fooled by my own "weather forecast" once again this morning. Having confidence on your own logical thinking doesn't mean you can beat Melbourne weather, for sure.

It was cloudy above my suburb when I was having my breakfast this morning. The clouds were actually fairly dark and it was not windy at all. Yesterday was warm all day and logically I thought there must have been enough precipitation to form rain-clouds. So I put on my jacket, and then my rain-coat, just in case if it rained while I was walking to the university.

Ten minutes later, all the suddent the dark clouds moved southwest and the morning sun started to shine bright. I was approaching a busy junction without taking off my rain coat. Apparently it started to be a bit windier, therefore clearing the sky and the dark clouds were only local.

Five minutes later, I started to feel a bit too warm due to walking under bright sun with jacket and rain coat. So, I finally took off my raincoat, the sun kept shining bright until sunset and there were no rain at all today.

It was not too bad though because once I was wet due to similar mistake. I was confident it would have been a bright shiny day, apparently it rained in the afternoon untill evening, non-stop, giving me no option. How wrong I was.

So, the lesson to learn is: never trust yourself when dealing with Melbourne weather.

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