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Thursday, February 09, 2006


People are paying too much for diamond...

That is the opening sentence of a radio advertisement which is played nearly twice in one hour, everyday.

Diamond is still among the most wanted jewelries in the world. Girls like it, and men like to buy it for girls, eventhough it is very expensive.

Diamond is found in a very old continent, such as Africa and North America. It is comprised of Carbon which has been burn by high temperature and pressurised in high pressure. Diamond occurs in the form of a vein or pipe, the "diamond pipe".

There are not many Diamond producing countries in the world. South Africa is one of them which produce high quality diamond. Due to its rarity and beauty, we will have to spend a fortune to own even a small piece of it. Unless...you are a geologist who knows where to find it.

So, girls do you want Diamond? I am a geologist, you know :)...

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