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Monday, February 06, 2006



This is probably much worse than slavery. I am not sure if I can find a word to describe it.

A young Indonesian girl was tortured and made disabled by her "master" in one of the Middle East countries. Her disabilities include blindness and dead right arm, and for all her suffers, she was only paid 6 Real, as the wages of her 10 months service as a domestic assistant in that house. That's what I read in Kompas Newspaper on Monday morning.

She is only 19 years old, the same age as many young girls in the first/second year of their university in western countries. She was born in a village in West Java, which is actually not too far from Jakarta. Poverty has made her left her school and in order to earn some money for living, she had to find a job.

Being a domestic assistant is the easiest way to earn few Rupiahs for many girls from villages. They get used to washing dishes, clothes, cleaning their houses and their rooms anyway. Those are the basic skills taught by many parents to their girls in Indonesia. Even my sister was taught those skills when we were still kids. If you are a girl and living in a village, your parent (especially your Mom) will ask you to help her doing domestic works.

Back to this 19 year old girl, she was promised that she would get paid 600 Real per month for 2 year contract. However, instead of getting her wages, she was tortured by her boss and her boss' sons. Her back and arm were ironed and she was punched on her eyes which eventually made her blind.

It is just unbelievable!

How can people do this kind of things to their domestic assistant? This girl is not the first victim of these kind of brutal acts. There have been many-many stories printed on many newspaper in Indonesia about similar cases. From all those sad stories, I have never heard of any culprits being punished or jailed for their brutalities. They always escape punishment because those barbarian's government seem not able to do anything.

Having made the victims disabled, the barbarian just send those victims back to their homecountry, as it happened on this young girl. They were successful in getting rid of "their problem" and now they create a very very big problem for the girl and her family.

Her live has been ruined.

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