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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Socceroos vs Greece - Coming Up in Melbourne

World class football on show in Melbourne this Thursday, well, at least it is European class anyway. The Socceroos will started their warm up games before the Germany 2006 World Cup by playing an international friendly againts Greece, the most recent European Champion, in Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) . I have got a ticket to watch the game so I am looking forward to Thursday evening. It is a pity Harry Kewell of Liverpool FC will not play because of groin injury.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Excuse Me, This is a Robbery, Please.

An article in The Age today really made me giggling. Apparently, there is a female armed robber who has done her crimes as many as 8 times during the last two weeks in Melbourne's eastern suburbs and every time when she did it, she was polite and apologised to her victims. Although she is polite, she produced a knife during the robberies and demanded the victims to hand her money and other belongings. This girl targeted pedestrians either in the early morning or evening and luckily there have been no injuries to the victims so far.

The way this girl expressed her politeness while she robbed her victims made me remember a joke about some Indonesian. There are certain people in Indonesia who are considered as very very polite. They like to smile to others and are acknowledged as being very patient, able to control their emotion and they don't like to show their anger. They are so polite that when they want to kill someone, they will ask for permission first, by saying the following sentences slowly and with a smile:

Excuse me! Do you mind if I kill you?


Excuse me, can I shoot you in your head, please?

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Call for Papers - IAGI Conference 2006

This is the Call for Papers file of the Pekanbaru 2006 IAGI Conference. To view a bigger version of this file, click on the image. To save it into your computer, right click and save it as another file name.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Haw Wa Ya?

Whether we realise it or not, our answer to a friend who asks "how you're doing" actually shows our state of mind at that very moment. We can put as smiling face as nice as as we want, but when we say "not too bad" as the answer for "How are you?", it means we actually feel a bit bad, but just not "very bad".

Some people would just say "very good" and "good" with confident when they are happy at the time their friends ask how they are, however others may have similar answer with less confidence like: "Yeaaahhhhh.......(a slow yeah...) I am very well." (an expression of not sure about his/her own words).

One interesting thing is, there are not many people who like to tell that they are in a "bad situation", they will just say "not too bad" as their expression.