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Wednesday, February 08, 2006


Be aware of your colleagues who are jealous of you! This is a serious warning. You never know what they will do to you when they hate you.

It will be worse if they think you're their rival, the person they have to kick out from their environment because they don't want to you to be more successful than they are nor they want you to get the promotion you deserve.

Jealousy can occur in all kinds of organisation, be it a small or multinational company, or even in an academic institution. Talking about jealousy in an academic institution, its effect can be much much worse than in a business company, although you would think academics tend not to think about gaining money for their own profit.

As we know, there are many smart people in an academic institution, but unfortunately some smart asses are also egoistic. They are those who tend to think "I am the best or I should be the best". These kind of human can be dangerous when they think they lose out on something. They will try to find your mistakes, blow them up and become the whitleblowers to your boss.

Eventhough you have many ideas to do something for the university you are working for and to your students, including setting up industrial standard research facilities in a university and trying to be proactive in recruiting new students, those all are still not enough. You eventually still lose your position, which means the research you want to do in the university will not continue, which is a pity. To make it worse, those people who are jealous of you are celebrating for your departure.

They are happy to see you go. You lose, they win...

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