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Thursday, July 27, 2006

This War: When will it end?

Another episode of Israel vs Hezbollah or simply Jews in Israel vs Arabic in Lebanon and Palestine. When will it end? Why do we have to see another war? Why do we have to see more innocent victims? I hate war! Ridiculously stupid acts by both sides.

Friday, July 21, 2006

IT Goddesses

Lack of interest from girl students to study in Information & Tehnology (IT) courses and choose IT industry to develop their career has made some female IT executives in Australia to come up with an idea to do something. They wanted to show that IT industry is actually sexy and attract more female to get into the industry. Working in the IT industry doesn't mean that these females have separated from their "feminin" side and it doesn't mean that they don't have a life either.

It was decided by these female IT executives to produce a calendar featuring themselves in various "movie-esque" position and customs, showing their beauty. The photos in the calendar is a parody of some famous movie and its actos, such as Charlie's Angel and Matrix. They call this calendar as "IT Goddess". It can be ordered from a website here: http://www.itgoddess.info

Now the problem is, some critics do not like this idea and said it was a cheap idea to make money and instead of showing the sexy and beauty of the IT executives, the calender is actually a soft porn. The website actually has got a DOS attack from the US, but fortunately the attack failed. There are also those who support the idea because the money from calendar purchases will be donated to educational institutions to attract more female IT students.

Having seen the snapshots from the IT Goddess website, I must say these women are admirable. Pretty, smart and successful in their career. A great combination.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

I am Perfect or am I?

If I am nobody and nobody is perfect, certainly it means I am perfect?

The Wisdom of Mr. President

Mr. Bush was overheard while talking to Mr. Blair in the G8 meeting. Apparently he said Syria is the only one who can tell Hezbollah to stop fighting with Israel. The interesting thing is, he was undiplomatic and using strong language during the personal conversation! :)

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Pay as You Go Webhosting

Nearly Free Speech offers pay as you go webhosting with very competitive pricea per MB bandwidth and montly disk space. They also offer domain registration US$7/year for .com, .net and .org TLDs.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Cheap .info Domain - Limited Time

The cheapest .info domain I can found on the web is US$1.99/year offered by Stargate.
This is for new registration, not applicable to renewal and it is offered in limited time. You can register your domain for up to 10 years with the same price.

Bored? Check This...

Some people are so bored that they have time to think of and do the unthinkable to most people, well at least it is unthinkable to me.

Do you still remember Zidane and his headbutting in the World Cup final?

Check this website to see some versions of the videos, and enjoy!

Friday, July 14, 2006

A Letter from A Boy

An 8 year old boy from a farm who was about to start his Grade 3 wrote a letter to God. Here is his letter:

Dear God,

I know You are kind and people told me You always give when they ask in prayer.
Mommy is now very ill and she cannot go to work to earn money. I need some money badly to buy medicine for Mom, some new writing books, a pair of new uniform and for my school-fee. Here are what I need:
- $100 for medicine
- $50 for books
- $50 for uniform
- $50 for school fee

So, in total I need $250.
Please receive my prayer and grant me Your gift. Thank you and I am waiting for Your response.


Having finished writing his letter, he put it in an envelope and write an address on the front side:

To: God
in Heaven

and his name on the back side:

From: Andy
Horseman Creek

He then brought this sealed envelope to a post office and posted it.

The post man saw his letter and didn't know exactly where to deliver this letter, it was impossible to deliver it to Heaven afterall. So he brought his letter to a police station instead.

The Head of the police station opened the letter, read it and was moved by it. So he decided to
call all his police members and told them to donate some amount of money to the boy. They eventually managed to collect $225.

The Head put all the money to an envelope and wrote a letter to the boy:

Dear Andy,

Here is $225 from me. Your Mom will be okay as long as you become a good boy.


The Head then delivered this letter himself to Andy's house.

Andy was very happy to receive a letter from God, and he was even more happy to see $225 in the envelope. "But hey!" he thought, "I asked for $250, why do I get $225 only?"
So he wrote another letter to God and give it to the policeman:

Dear God,

Thank you for sending me the money, but in the future if You want to send me money again, could You please not give it to a Police? They charged me 10% for this delivery.


The policeman: *&*&&%$%#@@$#@.....

Thursday, July 13, 2006


I just found a website which offers free domain registration and free website hosting as well. This is website is called Freedomainsite (http://www.freedomainsite.com). The free domain and webhosting can be used for 1 year and if a customer isn't happy at the end of the first year, they can cancel the account.

This is an excellent offer for those who want a website with .com, .net or .org TLD and also free webhosting witout paying for anything. I haven't registered myself, because I have already owned 2 domains hosted free of charge by Awardspace (http://www.awardspace.com) and Freehostia (http://www.freehostia.com) and a blog at Blogspot. I don't have much time to look after more than 3 websites.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Again on Zidane vs Materazzi

Marco Materazzi's agent said the focus should be on Zidane's behaviour instead of the insults his client delivered to Zidane. Well, he has never played football in his life then.

Insulting/provocating a fellow competitor in sport is certainly not on, sport should be done by muscle not mouth. I am not a fans of Zidane nor French national team, but bullying should never be let into the pitch.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Still on Zidane

What the medias and his team mates say about Zidane:

Andrew McKenzie (The BBC): The flawed genius

David Trezequet (French team, and William Gallas, also a member of the French team): Thank you and bravo! He was provoked.

Alain Migliaccio (Zidane's agent): Materazzi said something very serious

The lip reader employed by Daily Mail, UK: It was about his family

Monday, July 10, 2006

What's Going on Zidane?

Zinedine Zidane is a great player. He is skillful, clever and he has strong mentality to lead his team. He is a leader on the football. But what he was thinking about when he headbutt Materazzi, nobody know but himself.

So, why on earth he suddenly was so angry and lost control and forgot who he was and what image he has shown to many football fans in the world by attacking a fellow footballer? I suspect he was insulted by Materazzi, but only Zidane himself knows what the Italian back has said toward him. It is impossible if Zidane did that madness without being provoked.

Although I am not a fans of Zidane, it is sad to see one of the best footballers in the world, who will retire after this World Cup, has to end his career with a red card, without applauses or standing ovation from the fans in the stadium. The 2006 World Cup Final should have been a nice farewell match for him, but it turned out to be different.

It is a pity because one of the great footballer had to get involved with the ugly part of the beautiful game. Football indeed is beautiful, but the will to win makes it ugly.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

5 Signs You're Internet Addicted

1. If you read this article, that is the first sign
2. You own a blog
3. You write frequently in your blog
4. You own 10 email addresses
5. You have at least one account in all major messenger such as Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL, Gmail, Skype, and so on

Now, here is an article about 10 signs if you are technology obsessed.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

FIFA World Cup Finals

It nearly comes to the end. After nearly a month of playing, it has narrowed down to only 2 teams which will play for the honour of winning the 2006 Football World Cup and another two teams to play for the pride of their respective nations.

Italy will play France to decide the winner of Germany 2006 World Cup, while Germany, the host nation will try to beat Portugal for the third place.

The only game I watched since the quarter final started was the Argentina-Germany one. My interest in this World Cup disappeared once Argentina losing the penalty shoot-outs. This partly due to the fact that I had expected Argentina to go all the way to the final and winning this competition and also partly because Argentina had been playing the best football in the World Cup this year. If they didn't play the best at least they were among 4 of the best and they should have been in the semifinal.

Italy againts Ukraine was an obvious result, Ukraine were very very poor, it amazed me they were through to the last 8 instead of South Korea.

England vs Portugal was, to be polite, boring. England had not been playing well, but their media believe they could win the World Cup. It is not suprising though because the English media is usually self-proclaiming their football team as the best in the world. Furthermore, they have Sven as their manager, who enjoyed his £4 millions/year of salary but did nothing in term of tactical fine-tuning the England national team. As for Portugal, they like to dive, never get anywhere near them or they will fall down and scream like their legs were broken :)

Brazil vs France, well,....it was not a pretty game because the only way to play Brazil is to press them so that they could not move the ball. France somehow managed to get a goal, and Brazil could not score because they didn't get the ball.

For the final with Italy playing againts France, I would expect a 0-0 score after 120 minutes and Italy won on penalties.

Tall Poppy Syndrome - Help Needed!

The "Tall Poppy Syndrome": people tend to cut down/attack/dislike successful person because this person stands out from the average crowds and is easily seen.

In the Japanese culture, this phrase becomes: the nail that sticks out gets hammered.

In the Indonesian culture, this tendency is often described as a person who climbs higher than average will be dragged down by the crowd below.

I wonder how other cultures in the world describe this Tall Poppy Syndrome. Would you kindly share it with me? Comment please...

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Big Brother Australia's Debate - Sexual Harassment?

It makes me giggling when I read this article because according to a friend who watched the show, the female actually knew before hand what the male contestants wanted to do to her. She was called by the two male contestants and she knew what was gonna happen, but she still went on to the bed anyway. And then that "waving" happened but the men were blamed. So why on earth the girl went into the bed if she didn't want to see it?? Un-explainable...

Sunday, July 02, 2006

FIFA European Cup 2006 - Germany

So, NO South American team in the semifinal of Germany 2006, the 18th FIFA EUROPEAN...opss..sorry, I meant: "world" Cup, after Brazil were beaten by France. Brazil lost to France by a single goal margin. Yep France, which nearly didn't make it to Germany, and needed Zinedine Zidane to cancel his international retirement to guide this team qualifying from Europe.

This is the France team which could only got two draws in the group qualifications game, 0-0 against Switzerland and 1-1 againts South Korea. Yes they did beat Spain by 2 goals margin, but their second goal from a free kick should have never been a free kick in the first place. What a joke! :D

But football is funny, most of the time it is. The only different between winning and losing can be one single mistake, either from a player himself, from a manager or even from a referee. Sometimes it is not even a mistake, it was only pure unlucky or the defeat is due to having no confidence in the penalty shot-outs. The best team is not necessarily the winner, and the losers are actually the better teams. So enjoy the rest of this boring competition.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

The World Cup is over...

First, Asian teams lost out in the last 16, then Australia were beaten by Italy by a dubious penalty in the dying seconds of the 90 minutes, and finally Argentina lost to Germany in a penalty shout-out.

There are some reasons why someone is willing to wake up in the earliest hours of a morning and watch a round ball being kicked around by men. For me, the very first attraction of this game is the beauty of close ball control and dribbling technique and the intelligent of the players in working together as a team. It is not all about scoring many goals, because a team can score a lot of goals by sending high ball from defence to a tall player up-front who then knocks it down to his teammate to shoot from distance. This long ball tactic is really boring. Another reason why I want to watch football is, of course, geographical and geopolitical allegiances.

Football is is not only about stopping the ball, kick it again to your teammates and run away from your opponents because this are all very basic skills of playing the game. Football is simple, but not that simple for my personal liking. In my opinion the beauty of this game can only be seen when the players played with silky individual skill, great passing ability and teamwork.

Football is still a team's game, but a team without individual brilliance is really boring. It is probably interesting for some people, especially the fans of a particular team, but not for a neutral. From the teams left in the 2006 FIFA World Cup competition, only Brazil and perhaps Portugal (if they are not diving) are worth watching. Apart from these two teams, they are boring.