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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Santiago Bernabeu on Match-Day (1)

A friend of mine requested me to buy the "official" shirt of Real Madrid for his beloved 6 year old son. He has been asking me to buy a Real Madrid shirt since 6 months ago, kept asking me about the price, etc.

I tried to discourage him to buy because the shirt, because despite it's officiality, it's Made in China anyway. Also in my opinion it is not worth it to spend some money and give it to Real Madrid CF. Of course the main reason is actually because I don't follow Real Madrid therefore I don't think I should visit their stadium and buy something from their official shop. A fans of Atletico de Madrid should never touch anything Real Madrid.

However, since I don't want to disappoint a friend, eventually I went there this noon after a Sunday mass. Apparently, Real Madrid will play Athletico Club de Bilbao this evening at 9 PM and Real's fans have arrived at the stadium to buy tickets at noon. There was a long queue in front of the ticket office.

Having got off a bus, I walked to the official store of Real Madrid, passing by two lines of Real Madrid's fans on both sides of a small road towards the Santiago Bernabeu's stadium. There was a grey colour coach parked near the stadium, it was the bus of Real Madrid's players. The fans were waiting for the bus, which was going to transport the players to somewhere. I believe they were going to go to their training centre somewhere near Barajas Airport, for a short session before they play this evening.

So, joined the lines and was tried to pick up what was said by the locals, of course I knew nothing because of my lack of Spanish. Then I gave up and walked straight into the official store. I browsed around, checking shirts, jackets, fleeces, scarfs and many other things.

I went to check kid's shirts, then chose one that I thought will fit the body of my friend's son. Afterward I took one hat for my young cousin and joined the queuing line to pay. One shirt for a kid costs 55 Euros and 1 hat costs 20 Euros. So, I've given Real Madrid 75 Euros today. Overall I spent approximately half an hour in the official store, may be a bit more, I could not remember.

When I walked out of the official store, I saw people are still waiting for the bus to pass by and in fact there were more people than there were half an hour before. I stopped there for a couple of minutes and joined the lines once again. Two minutes later, people started to shout and jump, the bus was about to come. Then I saw Real Madrid's players who are sitting on the left side of the bus.

Some faces seem to be well-known. I was able to recognise Robinho and probably Guti, but I had no idea who the others are. They were cold, didn't smile to people who screamed, shouted and called their names. Not a wave, not a smile, just a look without expression.

I took some pictures of the scenes by using my mobile phoe and will upload them later this week here on this blog. Stay with me!