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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Hail King Luis!

Dominating a match in football is one thing and finishing the host of chances you create is another thing. You can keep the ball forever and create chance after chance, as long as you don't put it on the back of the net, you end up with getting a point only. Your opponent will be a happy bunny if a point is what they are after, considering their inferiority to your team and they are playing on your backyard.

It was a relief when Luis Garcia finally broke the dead-lock only 3 minutes from the end normal time for Liverpool FC after seeing Jans Lehmann, the Arsenal's goalkeeper, has single-handedly blocked every kitchen sink, frying pan and bathtube thrown at him. Little Luis managed to react faster than Jans to smash home the ball after Didi Hamann's powerful shots was not completely tipped off the goalpost.

Luis Garcia's goal gave a merely 1-0 win for Liverpool last night, but the game was totally dominated by The Reds. It was a much needed goal because Liverpool are trying to overtake Manchester United on the second spot. Automatic Champions League qualification is at stake.

Liverpool created heaps of chances from dominating midfield, even had a penalty saved and a couple more shots blocked by Lehmann who gave Man of The Match performance. All these good works nearly didn't pay off due to the inability to finish off the moves. Luckily, King Luis' the natural finisher had the last say to give a nice Valentine's Day gift to Liverpool Fans.

For now, it is a celebration, but a bigger game is coming up this Saturday....

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