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Sunday, February 12, 2006

Expressing a Friendship

It was 12.05 mid-day, 15 minutes after the last service on Sunday ended, when I saw two old ladies walking out the church slowly side by side, talking to each other while moving along the pathway to a junction. The sun was shining bright, temperature was fairly warm and the sky was blue, with very few cloud.

Our parish is located 20 m off the northwest corner of the junction between North-South Huntingdale Road and East-West Ferntree Gully Road. I was sitting in a bus stop in front of the church, waiting for my friend who wanted to pick me up for our lunch, when the two old ladies passed by. The first lady is quite big, definitely bigger than Mum, she is an Italian and I think she is 50 something. The second one is smaller, but has similar height as the first one, and I guess she is also in her 50s.

At first, I thought they were walking together because they coincidently wanted to go to the same direction. Perhaps they are neighbours to each other. So, I continued looking at nice cars passing in front of me, there were one SAAB, some Mazda, one Mercedes, a lot of Toyota, one Nissan, many Ford, one Suzuki and many more brands I cannot remember.

Five minutes later, I still saw the ladies talking to each other, this time they were on the east side of the road, at the northeast corner of the junction. That means, they had been talking for at least 4 minutes at the corner before I saw them again for the second time.

It seemed they wanted to part way, the bigger lady going east and the other one going south. I saw them hugging each other for about 30 seconds, and then kissing each other's face and kept talking for another 2 minutes, hugging each other again and then they moved to different direction.

Thinking of the way they embraced each other, it was as if they are not going to see each other again next week. Perhaps one of them will be going away for holiday or long trip abroad. However, it could also be due to the deep relationship between them that possibly started many years ago. Whichever it is, one thing is definitely true, words alone are not enough to express their care of each other. Their friendship needs to be expressed with hug, touch and, of course, words.

I am sure we all have our own best friends in every periods of our lives. Perhaps we have met these nice and good mates when we're in our high school, university, at work or probably she/he is one of our neighbours. I am also sure that we have our own ways of expressing our friendships. Good friends do not come up often, so if you have even only one best friend, make sure you maintain this friendship forever.

There is a saying told to me by someone, "You don't need to have many friends, but you definitely need some best friends."

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