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Monday, February 27, 2006

VoIP + Broadband = TALAYW

VoIP + Broadband = Talk As Long As You Want

It's true, a couple years ago you had to spend a fortune when you spoke to someone who lived in different city from where you lived in, let alone talking to someone living in a different country or hemisphere. But now, you can talk for free, well at least you don't have to scream when you look at your phone bill at the end of the month, assuming you have broadband internet connection though.

All you need is download a messenger software or even better use an internet phone programme. Yahoo Messenger can now be used for voice talk, and Skype even better, you can use it for calling mobile and landline phones. Isn't that cool? That's really cool!

Thanks to Voice Internet Protocol, which allows voice being transfered through internet connection to another part of this world. VoIP also allows us to have lower international calling rates, because we can find the cheapest and best deal for international calling cards. Sweet!

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Maya Fajar said...

trimakasih sudah mampir.. yuk tetep keep in tauch melanjutkan kehidupan!