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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Lucky Number

Some people have their own lucky number(s). It could be only one number out of 10 available, or perhaps a combination of several numbers. These numbers are considered "lucky" because are usually related to a series of someone's happy occasions. It is indeed superstitious and unreliable, but strangely, people still want to believe it.

In our local community, many believe 8 and 6 are good numbers. 8 sounds like "wealth", whereas 6 sounds like "lucky". People don't like 4, because it sounds like "dead", therefore nobody want their 44th birthday celebrated, because that means "double dead".

Anyway, this is not about 8 or 6, but lucky number 5, and this is related to football.

Liverpool beat Manchester United last night...
- in the 5th round of the FA Cup
- at the 5th attempt under Rafael Benitez
- which means breaking the 85 year old "record" of never winning againts Manchester United in the FA Cup
- the only goal was scored by Peter Crouch who wear jersey number 15

And of course, Liverpool won their 5th Champions League title last year on the 25-05-2005.

Err...are they all coincident only or it is for real?

Well, at least, all the numbers mentioned above actually can be divided by 5. So, 5 is definitely the lucky number for Liverpool.

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