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Friday, March 30, 2007

The Exodus Continues

An recent article in Petrominer, an Indonesian mining and oil industry magazine published in English language, reviewed current phenomenon about the exodus of several hundreds of Indonesia's oil workers to several countries particularly Malaysia. The same magazine also published a comment made by the head of BPMigas, on 2,444 workforce shortage in the industry during a stage where the government have planned to increase oil and gas production in Indonesia by 30%.

Funnily, oil companies operating in Indonesia are bound by the rules set up by the government/BPMigas themselves. The remuneration and benefit packages offered to Indonesian nationals are peanuts compared to that of the regional standard, not to mention international standard. For someone of a similar amount of experience and skill, an Indonesia who works abroad in a foreign country can earn nearly 2x or even 3x (with benefits) as much as what being offered to an Indonesian who works in Jakarta or somewhere else in Indonesia.

Living in Jakarta is expensive, even for someone with the earning power of an oil company worker. House rental is high, there are some cheaper options but the living environment is not that great, namely not safe or we have to be prepared for annual flood. Food is relatively cheap, however transportation cost is high because the public transport system is a chaos. If we want to be comfortable when using public transport, then we have to hire a taxi.

This is not to mention the quality of living in Jakarta, which is famous for its busy hour traffic jam and high Carbon content in the air. It is understandable if people who have opportunities to work abroad will jump to a different company straightaway. If I were given this opportunity, I will grab it with both hands, too. Very easy to choose...

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

DELL Monitor For Sale

I have this DELL CRT monitor that I wanted to sell since many months ago. Its model is e770s, Beige colour, still in good working condition, but it looks like it is difficult to sell it. The pic is shown above. Anybody out there wants to buy it? Give me you price :)

Monday, March 19, 2007

Don't Worry About the Change


"Oh, hi!"

"Here is your money, don't worry about the change!"

"Oh okay, thanks, you're very generous!"

"No worries!"

Those were my conversation with someone who paid me back some amount of money the person owed me.

At first, I really thought, "Wow! This person is really generous." And then when I saw the money, I was given $17. And the amount I should get from this person was $16.80.

So, I was told not to worry about $0.20 change, 20 cents ladies and gentlemen. I thought the person wanted to show some generosity, but obviously I expected too much too soon. The person who gave me money was right, I should not worry about searching a 20 cents coin for the change :)

Hillarious! :D

Saturday, March 10, 2007

The Away Goal Rule

The away goal rule in the European continental competitions such as the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Cup make the way managers and teams approach the second game differently. The rule, which doubles up the value of an away goal when the aggregate goal is equal among the two teams over two ties, means that the team who scores an away goal should be pretty much in the driving seat of the ties. However, this is not always the case because the away goal in the first tie means nothing if the home team in the second leg could not score a single goal. So, what score is most desired by managers and how do they approach the second tie based on the result from the first tie?

First Leg Results
0-0: This score is good enough for the home team as long as they can score an away goal in the 2nd leg, then any draw (1-1, 2-2) or any win bigger than 1-0 away will do. In this case, both teams in the 2nd leg should play a counterattacking gameplan and be very cautious. Whoever got the first goal in the 2nd leg will dictate the game.

1-1, 2-2, 3-3: These scores are pretty bad for the 1st leg home team because the 2nd leg home team can afford to play a very defensive gameplan to grind out a 0-0 score or a counterattacking game because the 2nd leg away team has to attack to get a win with any score or a draw with more away goals.

1-0, 2-0 (Home team win): This is very good because in the 2nd leg they can afford to lose with a single goal margin (1-2, 2-3, and so on) and any draw is obviously enough, as long as they do not lose out with more goal margin than the 1st leg win. In the 2nd leg the away team should be playing defensive or counterattacking game while the home team should be playing an attacking game to score 2 or more clear goals.

2-1 (Home team win): This is a bit tricky for the 1st leg home team, but it is not necessary an advantage for the 2nd leg home team because in the second leg, any draw will be enough for the 2nd leg away team. So the 2nd leg away team should be playing a defensive gameplan or counterattacking to nick 1 away goal, while the 2nd leg home game should be playing counterattacking gameplan and prevent the away team to score a goal in the 2nd leg.

3-2 (Home team win): This is a disadvantage for the 1st leg home team because when they are playing away in the 2nd leg, they have to be very-very defensive. The fact that the 1st leg away team can score 2 goals means they have very dangerous forwarders and they are capable of scoring goal. Any away win or a draw in the 2nd leg will be enough for the winner of the 1st tie to progress however the main idea actually is to prevent the dangerous attackers of the 2nd leg home team to score goal. Once the home team got the first goal in the 2nd leg, it means the away team has to score 2 clear goals to progress. A 1-0 or 2-1 win in the 2nd leg for the home team is still enough for them to progress.

Any loss at home in the first tie is a big trouble for the 1st leg home team that needs to travel in the 2nd leg. Barcelona FC has been a victim of this situation when they lost 1-2 to Liverpool FC in the Last 16 of the 2006/2007 UEFA Champions League.