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Saturday, October 06, 2007

CV-DVD Labels & Laser Printer

They just don't work!

Sometime they do work, but there is only 30% chance they can fit nicely to each other. In other word, out of 10 pages of sticker you print out, there are only 3 pages that you can use. This doesn't mean they are perfect. They are just "use-able".

It is clearly stated on its container that the label is suitable for most desktop inkjet and bubblejet printers. It doesn't mention anything about laser printer. Somehow I was confident that it can be printed on a printer and eager to give it a go, especially after the shopkeeper at OfficeWorks told me "there is no reason why it's not gonna work on a laser printer". I thought "Okay, that's great because I don't have a inkjet and the only printer available in my lab is a black and white laser printer."

Well, the main reason why it is not suitable to be printed on a laser printer is because sometime (not sometime but most of the time) it takes the printer too long to pull the thick label in and therefore when the printer has started printing out the words, the label is still not in. This means the position of the words printed on the label is totally wrong although when I tested the layout on a normal A4 paper it looks good.

Another lesson to learn, by making mistake. I would have been better if I learned it from someone else' mistake though, not mine...

What About Me

"What About Me" is a song that told a story about how "small people" are neglected by the society. The "small people", who live in the ground level of the social system can be those who are still young, have nothing or low-paid jobs. The song was sung by Moving Pictures, a rock band from Sydney in 1980s.

Check this YouTube Video out to listen to the lyrics and have a thought about our surrounding where we can see those "neglected people":

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Cutting Refugee Intake and the Bashing of A Sudanese Boy

Mr. Kevin Andrews, the Federal Immigration Minister of Australia, is back in the news headlines. He announced the decision of Australian government in cutting the intake of African refugees, particularly from Sudan, and cited the difficulty of those people in integrating into the Australian society as his reason.

The announcement was made on the back of news of one Sudanese boy who died recently as a bashing victim by three teenagers in Noble Park, Victoria. It was originally thought that the boy was involved in a fighting with a kind of "gang", perhaps of African background, however later on Police found out that the basher are not of African origin.

The timing of Mr. Andrews' announcement is quite strange because to tell people that the African refugees intake from Sudan will be cut due to their difficulty in adapting to the Australian lifestyle while one Sudanese boy actually died as a bashing victim by three other boys and girl, without any information on who was at fault, frankly does not make sense at all. It was pretty much a prejudice that the boy died because of his own fault, perhaps he bullied his basher or tried to robe one of the basher, or because he didn't want to do what most ordinary Australian do.

Understandably, Mr. Andrews has to cope with heavy criticisms from several people, no less than the Premier of Victoria, Mr. John Brumby and the Police Chief of Victoria, Ms. Christine Nixon.

Ms. Nixon told that the numbers of crime committed by the Sudanese only make up 1% of the total numbers of crime they deal with in Victoria and are not represented more than the proportion of their population.

What already clear is the government of Australia had decided to limit the intake of African refugees of Sudanese origin, due to reasons we don't know, and the recent bashing case of a Sudanese boy has been taken for a ride by the office of the Federal Minister of Immigration to announce its decision. It must have been more difficult for the minister to announce the decision had there been no case involving member of the Sudanese community recently.