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Friday, February 03, 2006

My Friend is in Doha

I sent an email to my friend last night and I got one automatic reply in the morning. Apparently she is in Qatar at the moment. I thought, "Wow! That's cool!"

I had known she would not be in her office before I sent her that email, but I didn't know if she was in Qatar. I thought she were in Libya or somewhere in South America.

She is, should we say, "an international worker". She is based in Germany, however her jobs include looking after many exploration areas operated by the company she works for.

The great things about her is, she is smart, very very smart, because she was the first graduate of her class when she finished her first degree in approximately 4 years (in Indonesia it is very difficult to finish your first degree in 4 years time, normally it takes you 5 years) on one of the best educational institution in Indonesia, even in Southeast Asia. She got a job with Total in Indonesia and they promised to give her a scholarship to study in a Master course in IFP France, however before she started her job in Balikpapan, she was offered a completely free scholarship by the French Government. Off she went to Paris then, to study in IFP.

Upon her graduation from the Master school, she was offered a job by a German oil company. She got another option to wait for an offer from Shell, in which she was reserve of employment candidates. Of course she chose the company who have offered her a real job.

She is still young, at least 3-4 years younger than me (I'm 31 this year), still a single (well, as far as I know). I hope she will be more successful with her career in the future. I am happy to see her and I hope she feels happy with her jobs. All the best Arum! God Bless You...

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