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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Valentine's Day!

I had few hours of sleep only last night, woke up early this morning and wondered what's going on with my body and mind. It didn't feel alright at all while I was preparing to leave for the university, perhaps due to insufficient sleep and feeling tired.

Later in my lab, I discovered this bad news in my emali's Inbox. The server of a workstation I usually use for doing my research in another university has broke-down again yesterday afternoon, due to suddent power-cut. It was done accidently by the electricians.

All my data are stored in this workstation and all my works done using this workstation now cannot be retrieved while the server is dead. This is the second time I got the same problem. We spent about $500 to repair the server in the first occassion and now we probably need to spend the same amount again, or even more, depending on the extent of the problem. Nobody look after this server and workstation , and also the maintenance cost is to high because it is a Unix-based machine. I am the only student using it at the moment.

Bad luck!

And to think of the bad news arrives on Valentine's Day...*sigh*

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