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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Stupid Database System

Some people in this world have only one name as their official names. I am actually one of them. My official name is "Minarwan" not "Minarwan Yap". My family name indeed "Yap", however it has never been used "officialy" since I was born in 1975. It is not on my certificate of birth, not on my certificate of graduation and not even in my passport. So I have never used "Yap" as my family name officialy, ever.

But now this stupid database system in my university forces me to have a family name, and since I don't use "Yap" officialy, I am forced to use "Minarwan" as my family name as well. So my name in the database is "Minarwan Minarwan". Now how stupid that is? It gave a new name, something which is not even stated on my official documents. So, I can't use "Yap" as my surname but I have to use "Minarwan" as my surname.

I think actually the person who created this system who is stupid, not the system itself.

Rant over....

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