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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Communicate with Ourselves

Living in a city with fast pace of lifestyles, where we work hard to be wealthier, with modern communication, computers, and information bombarded by television, radio or printed medias, can make us forget to communicate with ourselves. We forget to think about what we really need the most in life.

Is it materialism what we need the most? Like good car, nice house, being rich, beautiful/handsome partner (I actually don't like to use partner, because this is not my value, to me it is either girl friend, fiancee or wife; not a partner in term of sexual partner). Is being recognised as "someone" in our community important? Is partying, having sex and drugs more enjoyable and should we become hedonists?

Do we have respect for others? Do we have compassion? How do we manage our sexual desire? Should we shag anyone anytime including our boy friend's/girl friend's Mum/Dad or our teacher/student, neighbours, friend's wife/husband, or anyone as long as we like each other?

How do we want to achieve our goals in term of wealth? Should we accept insiders' tips about buying the shares of the company where he/she works for? Should we exploit a loophole in the Taxation Law?

All the questions above then bring us to what kind of personal value we have in our hearts. The value which makes us different from just another animal on earth. It is a pity we may not know about what our personal values are because we don't have time to really think about it. If we don't have it, then we cannot teach it to the young ones. Therefore cultural values for the young ones are being taught by television, video games, printed medias and friends. So, spare some time to really think about your values, tell yourself about it, communicate with yourself.

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