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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Blogging - Is it a Lifestyle?

I may be a bit late to realise it, but is it true blogging now a lifestyle?

This question popped up in my mind because yesterday I saw two blogs from two "celebrities". The first is a "celebrity" from Indonesia and the second is from United States (well at least he was once a rap singer and quite famous). The day before yesterday, I visited the blog of President of Taiwan (which all written in Chinese letters and I didn't understand a thing).

The celebrity from Indonesia I refer to is actually current member of House of Representative (HoR = the parliament) of Republic of Indonesia. She won Miss Indonesia in 2001, she is also a model (but not at the moment though because she is serving in the HoR) and an author of a book (Kecantikan Bukan Modal Utama Saya - Female Power Is Not Beauty).

Mind you, it was very difficult to get in touch with members of HoR of Indonesia in the past, unless you can get access through your connection or business. There are some parliament members whom you can contact easily but if you live in small towns, you may not often get a chance to speak to them directly or you don't know where to send your letters. It may sounds unsual because in some western countries you can visit the offices of members of parliament both local and national from your area and they publicise their contact address through printed media, etc. However it looks like things start to change for the better.

For a member of HoR to have a blog is "new" to most Indonesian, however I did expect the parliament members to have their own personal websites where we can contact them easily to lodge some complaints or encouragements.

The second celebrity or former celebrity I mentioned earlier is MC Hammer, once a rapper. His blog is hosted by Blogspot (the link to his blog is on the right column of my blog). His blog is well designed, it looks nice and tidy.

A possibility of these celebrities employing other people to look after their blogs or even to write the contents for them cannot be ruled out, because they must be busy with their works/daily life. Nevertheless it is good for the image of blogging if "famous" people now joining us ordinary blogger.

Back to the question, is blogging now a lifestyle? Yes?


Lili said...

kayaknya emang iyah deh, soalnya nge-blog tuh saluran dari ekspresi diri yang kurang bahagia karena gak bisa jadi artis tob..he.he...

wah Cakmin bisa ajah nih, travel kecil2an kok. Tapi kalau bisa ngumpulin lebih dari 10 orang..yuuk mangga atuh di coba pake travel aku..he.he.

Minarwan said...

Iya Ummi emang bener yah. Buktinya kita aja sampe ngeblog yah. Upsstt..kita bukan celebrity ding hihihi..:D