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Monday, March 06, 2006

Leunig the Big Nose

The March section of Leunig's 2006 Calender


Essence of fish and chips
  • Leunig is praying before having the fish and chips in front of him, his eyes shut, his head bowed and with his hands in front of his chest
Essence of shoe polish
  • Leunig is polishing his shoe, he is seated on a chair with his body bended forward and his nose very close to the shoe on the floor
Essence of wheat bag
  • Leunig is smelling a wheat bag from a crawling position, with his right hand touching the back of the wheat bag
Essence of wet dog
  • Leunig is standing in front of a wet dog, with his nose close to the head of the dog
Essence of burnt toast
  • The toaster is placed on a table , only one leg of the table drawn and Leunig's head is small in the upper right background
Essence of Saturday afternoon
  • Leunig is mowing his lawn, with one window, the corner of his house, fence, trees and shining sun as the background, and a table with a tea pot and two cups on it as the foreground.
Essence of clean sheets
  • Leunig is sleeping tight on the right side of his bed, his body is covered by an orange colour quilt.
Essence of sweetheart
  • Leunig is sleeping tight with his wife next to him, they are covered by pink quilt

For those who don't know Leunig, you can visit Curly Flat

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