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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Geomorphology from Space

There are some nice features on our Earth's surface which are so large that it is impossible for us to recognise it unless we are flying high above it. These features I refer to are not man-made but they occur naturally, formed mainly by wind, water (river, lake, ocean), movements of large blocks of rocks and volcanisms or the combination of one or more of them. Thanks to current remote sensing technology, we can enjoy looking at these natural creations without physically sitting in an airplane.

In geological science, there is a branch which studies the shape (morphology) of Earth surface and possible processes which form it. This branch of geological science is called Geomorphology. Studying Geomorphology nowdays is certainly made easier by the application of remote sensing technology and the availability of satellite imagery, such as those archived in the NASA's website.

The Geomorphology from Space section of NASA website is a gallery of hundreds of satellite imageries taken from different landforms. Among others are tectonic landforms, which are formed by large rock blocks' movement; volcanic - by volcanisms; eolian - by wind blow; and fluvial - by river. More interesting imageries from different landforms can be found in the gallery. Take a tour!

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