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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Spectacular Opening Ceremony

Image taken from the official website of Melbourne 2006

The XVIII Commonwealth Games in Melbourne has been opened by Queen Elizabeth this evening in Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG). The opening ceremony was a spectacular one, with a lot of attractions such as the flying Melbourne tram, ballet dancing, live music, a lot of fireworks around the MCG and Central Business District of Melbourne and huge fish images along the Yarra River near the MCG spraying water. Delta Goodrem also appeared on the stage singing a song after the Queen's opening speech. There are 71 countries competing in this 2006 Commonwealth Games, nearly half of the world.


Dini said...

hehe... sempet bela-belain dateng ke city untuk liat fireworks?

Minarwan said...

Enggak tuh, cuman nonton dari rumah di Channel Nine. Lagian kalo lihat dari city kayaknya enggak seru karena pandangan terbatas sedangkan kalo nonton di TV kan bisa lihat dari kejauhan/atas lewat liputan dari helikopter, seru abiezzz...:)