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Monday, March 20, 2006

Free Web Host with MySQL Database

My wish of hosting my own personal website which uses Content Management System (CMS) in a completely free web host finally became reality when I found Awardspace. This free web host gives 300 MB capacity, 5 GB bandwidth per month, 1 MySQL database, 2 domains hosting, 5 subdomains, 5 POP3/IMAP emails and much more. The set-up is instant, in no time at all, and more importantly they don't put a forced ad in our website.

The amount of diskspace and monthly traffic given are enough for those who use this webhost for their personal website, for example a web blog, but probably not for hosting a discussion forum or for those who want to put some files for others to download. Other things which can make certain people do not like it include a restriction on the maximum file size that we can upload to the web host, which is 500 KB only, and the SMTP/IMAP function which they disable so that we can receive emails but not sending. Another problem is, their MySQL database is sometimes down, due to DDOS attack (apparently).

Apart from all those problems, I have been reasonably happy with the web host, considering their system is still "Beta". Hopefully it will be getting better in the future, and the service will be kept free of charge (I wish). I have no hesitation to recommend this web host to you all. Sign up quick!

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