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Friday, March 10, 2006

Legionnaire's Disease Outbreak

One man has died because of Legionnaire disease in Preston, Melbourne and several others are now hospitalized. The disease is caued by bacteria called Legionella which can live in water drop-lets. The outbreak apparently came from the cooling tower of Optus building in Preston. Meanwhile in Monash University, one staff member in my faculty has been diagnosed with the disease and sent to a hospital. The cooling towers in the university have been checked and no indication of Legionella bacterias has been detected, as explained in the following email quote:
Following the global email of 1 March 2006 regarding a staff member at the Clayton campus who had been diagnosed with Legionnaire's Disease, the Department of Human Services has today provided the university with the cooling tower test results. The results have indicated *no Legionella* was detected in any of the cooling towers on campus.
So, how did the staff member get infected by the disease? Nobody know and no one tell us.

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