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Saturday, July 01, 2006

The World Cup is over...

First, Asian teams lost out in the last 16, then Australia were beaten by Italy by a dubious penalty in the dying seconds of the 90 minutes, and finally Argentina lost to Germany in a penalty shout-out.

There are some reasons why someone is willing to wake up in the earliest hours of a morning and watch a round ball being kicked around by men. For me, the very first attraction of this game is the beauty of close ball control and dribbling technique and the intelligent of the players in working together as a team. It is not all about scoring many goals, because a team can score a lot of goals by sending high ball from defence to a tall player up-front who then knocks it down to his teammate to shoot from distance. This long ball tactic is really boring. Another reason why I want to watch football is, of course, geographical and geopolitical allegiances.

Football is is not only about stopping the ball, kick it again to your teammates and run away from your opponents because this are all very basic skills of playing the game. Football is simple, but not that simple for my personal liking. In my opinion the beauty of this game can only be seen when the players played with silky individual skill, great passing ability and teamwork.

Football is still a team's game, but a team without individual brilliance is really boring. It is probably interesting for some people, especially the fans of a particular team, but not for a neutral. From the teams left in the 2006 FIFA World Cup competition, only Brazil and perhaps Portugal (if they are not diving) are worth watching. Apart from these two teams, they are boring.

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