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Friday, July 14, 2006

A Letter from A Boy

An 8 year old boy from a farm who was about to start his Grade 3 wrote a letter to God. Here is his letter:

Dear God,

I know You are kind and people told me You always give when they ask in prayer.
Mommy is now very ill and she cannot go to work to earn money. I need some money badly to buy medicine for Mom, some new writing books, a pair of new uniform and for my school-fee. Here are what I need:
- $100 for medicine
- $50 for books
- $50 for uniform
- $50 for school fee

So, in total I need $250.
Please receive my prayer and grant me Your gift. Thank you and I am waiting for Your response.


Having finished writing his letter, he put it in an envelope and write an address on the front side:

To: God
in Heaven

and his name on the back side:

From: Andy
Horseman Creek

He then brought this sealed envelope to a post office and posted it.

The post man saw his letter and didn't know exactly where to deliver this letter, it was impossible to deliver it to Heaven afterall. So he brought his letter to a police station instead.

The Head of the police station opened the letter, read it and was moved by it. So he decided to
call all his police members and told them to donate some amount of money to the boy. They eventually managed to collect $225.

The Head put all the money to an envelope and wrote a letter to the boy:

Dear Andy,

Here is $225 from me. Your Mom will be okay as long as you become a good boy.


The Head then delivered this letter himself to Andy's house.

Andy was very happy to receive a letter from God, and he was even more happy to see $225 in the envelope. "But hey!" he thought, "I asked for $250, why do I get $225 only?"
So he wrote another letter to God and give it to the policeman:

Dear God,

Thank you for sending me the money, but in the future if You want to send me money again, could You please not give it to a Police? They charged me 10% for this delivery.


The policeman: *&*&&%$%#@@$#@.....

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