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Sunday, July 02, 2006

FIFA European Cup 2006 - Germany

So, NO South American team in the semifinal of Germany 2006, the 18th FIFA EUROPEAN...opss..sorry, I meant: "world" Cup, after Brazil were beaten by France. Brazil lost to France by a single goal margin. Yep France, which nearly didn't make it to Germany, and needed Zinedine Zidane to cancel his international retirement to guide this team qualifying from Europe.

This is the France team which could only got two draws in the group qualifications game, 0-0 against Switzerland and 1-1 againts South Korea. Yes they did beat Spain by 2 goals margin, but their second goal from a free kick should have never been a free kick in the first place. What a joke! :D

But football is funny, most of the time it is. The only different between winning and losing can be one single mistake, either from a player himself, from a manager or even from a referee. Sometimes it is not even a mistake, it was only pure unlucky or the defeat is due to having no confidence in the penalty shot-outs. The best team is not necessarily the winner, and the losers are actually the better teams. So enjoy the rest of this boring competition.

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