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Thursday, July 06, 2006

FIFA World Cup Finals

It nearly comes to the end. After nearly a month of playing, it has narrowed down to only 2 teams which will play for the honour of winning the 2006 Football World Cup and another two teams to play for the pride of their respective nations.

Italy will play France to decide the winner of Germany 2006 World Cup, while Germany, the host nation will try to beat Portugal for the third place.

The only game I watched since the quarter final started was the Argentina-Germany one. My interest in this World Cup disappeared once Argentina losing the penalty shoot-outs. This partly due to the fact that I had expected Argentina to go all the way to the final and winning this competition and also partly because Argentina had been playing the best football in the World Cup this year. If they didn't play the best at least they were among 4 of the best and they should have been in the semifinal.

Italy againts Ukraine was an obvious result, Ukraine were very very poor, it amazed me they were through to the last 8 instead of South Korea.

England vs Portugal was, to be polite, boring. England had not been playing well, but their media believe they could win the World Cup. It is not suprising though because the English media is usually self-proclaiming their football team as the best in the world. Furthermore, they have Sven as their manager, who enjoyed his £4 millions/year of salary but did nothing in term of tactical fine-tuning the England national team. As for Portugal, they like to dive, never get anywhere near them or they will fall down and scream like their legs were broken :)

Brazil vs France, well,....it was not a pretty game because the only way to play Brazil is to press them so that they could not move the ball. France somehow managed to get a goal, and Brazil could not score because they didn't get the ball.

For the final with Italy playing againts France, I would expect a 0-0 score after 120 minutes and Italy won on penalties.

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