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Friday, July 21, 2006

IT Goddesses

Lack of interest from girl students to study in Information & Tehnology (IT) courses and choose IT industry to develop their career has made some female IT executives in Australia to come up with an idea to do something. They wanted to show that IT industry is actually sexy and attract more female to get into the industry. Working in the IT industry doesn't mean that these females have separated from their "feminin" side and it doesn't mean that they don't have a life either.

It was decided by these female IT executives to produce a calendar featuring themselves in various "movie-esque" position and customs, showing their beauty. The photos in the calendar is a parody of some famous movie and its actos, such as Charlie's Angel and Matrix. They call this calendar as "IT Goddess". It can be ordered from a website here: http://www.itgoddess.info

Now the problem is, some critics do not like this idea and said it was a cheap idea to make money and instead of showing the sexy and beauty of the IT executives, the calender is actually a soft porn. The website actually has got a DOS attack from the US, but fortunately the attack failed. There are also those who support the idea because the money from calendar purchases will be donated to educational institutions to attract more female IT students.

Having seen the snapshots from the IT Goddess website, I must say these women are admirable. Pretty, smart and successful in their career. A great combination.

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