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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Never Trust A Tiger

"Never Trust A Tiger", read a title of the TIME Magazine's columns on October 20, 2003 edition.

And then the snippet said, "They are kept as pets by thousands, but as a fresh rash of attacks shows, tigers cannot be tamed."

I thought, "Oh I see! So you guys just found it out now? How surprising! Well, well, well the so called civilised community did not realise how dangerous a tiger is eventhough it looks cute."

My grandfather, my uncles, my aunties, my mom, my dad, even my neighbours all have told me since I was still a kid, that I should never ever have a wild beast (like tiger, lion, snake, bear, crocodile, even Orang Utan) as a pet. PAST EXPERIENCES have shown that A BEAST WILL ALWAYS BE A BEAST AND NEVER WILL BE A PET.

As for Orang Utan, sometime they have sexual desire, and according to some people, there was a case in my hometown where an adult Orang Utan ran after a teen and they reckoned the Orang Utan wanted to rape her (well I have no idea if this story has any truth at all).

The bottomline is, a beast will never be a pet.

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