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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

How to Reject a Job Applicant (2)

Dear .....,

Thank you for your interest in our XXXXXXXXXXXXX Graduate Recruitment Program, Ref No: XXXXXXX. I apologise for the delay in communicating with you.

The relevant Hiring Manager has considered the submissions for the available opportunity and decided on a preferred group of candidates to progress. It is regrettable that not all the talented contenders can move forward, and I am writing to say that we will not be pursuing your application further at this time.

>>means: you 're either not good enough or too good for this program, decide it yourself, the bottomline is you are NOT selected

With your permission, I would like to retain your details on our database and consider you for any other positions that may arise within the XXX XXXXXXXX Group of Companies.

>>means: we don't mind to keep your details, however we cannot guarantee you that the position you are after will come up next month, in 6 months time or in 5 years time. It may never arise at all after all

I take this opportunity to wish you success in achieving your career aspirations and thank you once again for your patience and interest.

>>means: we hope you are lucky enough to get a job, ta ta



PS. This is only a joke, have a good laugh :))

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Vaye said...

wehehehe kocaggh..tapi veurih, dalem euy :-p

ps. kabar baik cak