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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Football Fever

As a huge fans of football (it is soccer for those of you who do not know what football is...oh and don't forget to do more reading, read newspaper, sport tabloid, sport website or whatever, just make sure you know what football means in the rest of the world), I already feel the excitement created by the coming FIFA World Cup in Germany. It also makes me remember how I started to love playing and watching football, and of course once I used to think that I was Diego Maradona or Ruud Gullit.

I started playing football when I was in the Junior High School in 1987-1990. My eyesight was still good at the time and I didn't use prescription eyeglasses at all. I used to play with my schoolmates in our small sport pitch, and we were all barefeet. Every one of us were a striker, because we never learn the tactic of how to play the game correctly. Basically what we did was to follow where the ball was, just like a lot of ants surrounding a small crystal of sugar.

Once I started wearing eyeglasses in my final year of junior high, my interest in playing football started to disappear, however I still played sometime. Once, I broke my new eyeglasses because of playing football on a wet pitch after raining. The pitch was slippery and I fell down on my bottom. Unluckily, I kept my new eyeglasses in my back pocket. I felt guilty and was too scared to tell my Mum about it, so I didn't say anything at all until the week after. Mum asked me where my new eyeglasses were, so I reluctantly told her that it was broken. Thankfully Mum could accept it and we bought another new eyeglasses later, however I knew she was sad.

The first World Cup I really followed was the one in Italy, in 1990, when Argentina was beaten by Germany in the final. I remember I cried when Andreas Brehme's penalty beat Sergio Goycochea, and since then I really hate West Germany's team (I am sorry to Matthias and Ben my very very nice German friends, what else can I say? Germany play a boring football). Obviously I don't like Brazil either, because they always win. You can imagine how boring it is to be able to predict that Michael Schumacher will be the winner of every Formula 1 races in many years.

So, obviously we all like the underdogs, I meant whoever played Brazil will get my support, but for other games, I am happy to be a neutral, unless that game involves Argentina, because I want them to win. So, when Australia play Brazil next week, I will obviously cheer for Australia, with a Green and Gold Socceroos scarf on my neck. It is a pity Indonesia never qualify for the World Cup.

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