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Saturday, June 17, 2006

A 24-Pass Move

Some say it was a 24-pass move, others say it was 25 passes, and some others say it was 21 passes only. Whatever the number was, that Agenrtina's second goal scored by Esteban Cambiasso against Serbia & Montenegro last night (Melbourne time), in the second game of the first round of FIFA World Cup 2006, was joy to watch.

Perhaps, the Serbian & Montenegrin defenders actually made it all too easy for the Argentine to score, but still the off-the-ball movement, ball control, understanding and unselfishness of the Argentina's players were second to none. A game like this is the reason why people like watching football, and it is also a reason why I expect Argentina to do well, although many have opinions that the Argentine players like to dive.

They have great players and a good team, and when they do actually play their football, it is of a jaw-dropping quality. I hope they always remember to play football throughout this World Cup, and play well.

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