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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Drinking & Drunk

So, what's the special about having alcoholic drink and make yourself drunk? Do you think you're a "man" if you drink lots of beer? It is not a rocket science to know that drinking too much alcohol will harm your body and mind, make you look stupid, and you think it's fun?

I can't really understand it when I said I drink only 1/2 pint maximum once in a week and some of my colleagues were like, "What? Come on, you are man!". Well, I don't think I have to drink a lot of beer just to prove I am man enough. Eventhough having alcoholic drinks is not a sin for me, I have been told by our extended big family since I was still a kid that alcoholic drinks are harmful. So we should not be addicted to alcoholic drinks, control ourselves when drinking beer and make life more useful than just being drunk.

1 comment:

caz said...

i agree. how on earth does getting drunk and doing stupid things make someone "a man"! if anything, the bigger man is the one that can be responsible and control himself...