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Monday, September 04, 2006

It's Called Service

A good friend of mine went to the Commonwealth Bank in Monash Univ. Clayton campus this afternoon to close one of his bank accounts. Apparently he has two saving accounts and is not prepared to pay double fees for keeping both accounts alive, so the better idea is to close one of them.

He went to the Customer Service (CS) and told him that he wanted to close one of his saving accounts. My friend said, "I would like to close one of my accounts that has only 10 cents in it."

"Okay!" said the CS, and then after asking birthday, and other security questions, the CS said again, "We will transfer this 10 cents to your other account, however the confirmation of this transfer will be given to you by phone. So in the meantime you may want to do something else if there's nothing else I can do for you."

So my friend and I walked back to our room, but before we arrived at the building, he got a phone call. Apparently from the CS in the Commonwealth Bank and this is what the CS said:

"You'll be very pleased to hear that I have transferred 10 cents into your account."

Let's calculate how much effort spent for transferring the 10 cents:
- a phone call to a mobile costs at least 40 cents
- electricity, computer and man hour

All of these for the sake of service.

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