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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Fatal Accident in Victoria

A road accident that occurred yesterday in the country side of Victoria has claimed life of 7 people. The accident happened in a Y-intersection and both vehicles were burnt immediately afterward. One of the vehicles involved in the accident was transporting go-kart and fuel. It is believed the fuel caused the fire.

The Y-intersection where the accident happenned looks like this:

It is believed that Vehicle A, which was carrying 5 passengers, didn't give way to Vehicle B. Although Vehicle A was travelling along a straight road when approaching this Y-Intersection, the marked lane shows that it should have stopped or waited until the Vehicle B had turned right. Vehicle B in this case, was allowed to turn right without even signaling, because despite it was turning right, the lane shows that it was travelling along a straight road. It is a bit confusing and the problem is, the driver of Vehicle A is not a local, but he is from New South Wales.

It is easy to take thing for granted and mistakenly missed the road sign in a new place, especially when travelling very fast along the country side road. Unluckily, this time it ended up with a tragedy.

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