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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Green Bean & Yellow Bean

This post isn't actually about the "bean" but the "bin", the green bin and the yellow bin.

It has come to my attention that most of us, who live in the Coane Street in East Oakleigh, frequently put the wrong bin out on Monday evening. This is something we had not done before, but since we're given the large, yellow colour recycle bin, which is the same size as the green colour bin for organic waste, as an exchange for the small, recycle box, people started to get confused.

We are used to lining up the small recycle box along the roadside on Monday evening every week, together with the red colour bin for general waste. The small recycle box can only accommodate few papers/magazines, plastics, and other recycle-able stuffs. Normally at least two people needed to be employed to collect the recycle box, one for driving the truck and another one for actually lifting the box and dump the content of the box to the back of the truck.

Due to its small size, the recycle box must be collected every week, otherwise people would complain to the city council because they ran out of space. So perhaps, in order to save some cost, the city council replaced the recycle box with bigger bin, which means it can store more stuffs, and they made a new schedule for collecting the recycle-able waste, which is once in 2 weeks, such as what they have done with the green waste. And also they don't need two persons anymore to do this collection because the driver can operate the truck to pick up the bin himself. Smart thinking by the council.

But here comes the problem, some people cannot remember exactly which bin they should line up on Monday evening. So sometimes, there are people who put three bins altogether, red, yellow and green, because they don't want to get it wrong so that their waste will not be collected on the next morning.

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