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Saturday, August 26, 2006

Cautioned by Police for Blessing Himself

A Celtic player, Artur Boruc, was cautioned by Police for "blessing himself" when he played in a football match involving his club and Glasgow Rangers at Ibrox, the home of the Rangers. His action was said as "a breach of peace" and had "provoked alarm and crowd trouble". Meanwhile Peter Kearney, a spokeman of the Catholic Church said that "It's a worrying and alarming development, especially since the sign of the cross is globally accepted as a gesture of religious reverence."

It is unclear what exactly Boruc, the goalkeeper of the Poland national football team, did during the game. It was reported that he was "blessing himself", however there was no more detailed description of his behaviour. The Catholic Church spokeman, however, said that Boruc was doing a sign of the cross. Doing a sign of the cross in a football game is common everywhere, therefore it is a bit ridiculous to accuse a player committing a criminal offence and caution him for doing it.

It is more ridiculous that some people actually complained to the Police and felt offended by this action. And the funnier thing is, the Rangers fans are most likely Protestant, which is actually another form of Christianity. :)

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