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Sunday, April 30, 2006

A Tragic Story of Coffin Mishandling

A member of Australian army died in Iraq recently, by a single shot wound in his head. According to the Army's initial investigation, it his death was most likely due to an 'accident', his pistol somehow was triggered and shot himself.

This man is from Gippsland, Victoria and he was only in Iraq for a month. He has a young family with two kids, and apparently he really lives to become a member of the army since his young age because he likes hunting deers.

So then his body was sent home to Melbourne and his family went to Melbourne airport to receive his body. And then this tragedy happened! The body in the coffin sent back to Melbourne was not his. This was another man, a completely different man, apparently a Bosnian contractor worker in Iraq. Somehow in Kuwait, someone mishandled or misidentified a different person and sent him back to Australia, covered by Australian flag, as an Australian soldier.

The family of the died soldier understandably went ballistic. How could it happen? His death was due to serving his country in a war, but somehow he could not even be correctly identified and sent back home after giving his precious life. It was such a terrible mistake for the grieving family. This mistake made them asking more questions about what caused the death of the soldier, which is understandable. It was indeed terrible.


Dini said...

isunya sih dia bunuh diri...???

Minarwan said...

ah masa? tega betul tingglin istri dan anak kayak gitu? wah..wah..

intankd said...

kasian ya..