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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Spin Doctors

Having get used to reading lots of news from the English press since a couple of years ago, especially football news, I become aware that some section of the press in this country are the best "spin doctors" in the world. Making headlines to sell papers and printing news for certain hidden agenda are normal practices for them. The most recent example is the Luis Felipe Scolari vs English Media saga.

"Big Phil" - the famous name of Felipe Scolari, Brazilian football coach who now works for Portuguese national team, was chosen by the Football Association of England to take over the England national team from Sven Goran Eriksson, after this coming Germany World Cup. Before the FA talked to Phil, the English Media have been campaigning for an English coach, at least a British coach to follow in Sven's steps. Once the news that Phil was talking seriously to the FA broke out, the FA was criticised left and right, front and back, up and down by the media, former national coach, club owner, former national player and so on - you mention it.

So, it was clear then the English Media, most of them if not all, did not like Big Phil, and later some of their journos started to find out more about this man, by parking outside his house in Portugal. Big Phil was shocked by this media attention and finally he backed off, even before he signed any offer and he quoted media pressures as the reason why he did not want to take the job.

Now, you would think the media realised they have put too much pressures to Big Phil therefore they should apologize to the FA because of their behaviour. No, they won't at all, the blame the FA instead, by accusing the FA was not doing their jobs. Fickle? Indeed! More interestingly, some section of the press mentioned Big Phil got death threat from the Portuguese fans. Blimey!

This is not the first time the English media have tried to make a headline of the FA and its national coach. A newspaper even needed to send one of their journos to act as a fake Sheikh and invited Sven, the current national coach, to Dubai to talk about a lot of confidential things about his future and the England dressing room. They spent hundred thousand of poundsterling to fund this "exclusive interview" without Sven knowing he was being interviewed.

The links provided in this article is for information purpose only, they are by no means to suggest the correponding websites/news providers are the actual spin doctors.

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