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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Haw Wa Ya?

Whether we realise it or not, our answer to a friend who asks "how you're doing" actually shows our state of mind at that very moment. We can put as smiling face as nice as as we want, but when we say "not too bad" as the answer for "How are you?", it means we actually feel a bit bad, but just not "very bad".

Some people would just say "very good" and "good" with confident when they are happy at the time their friends ask how they are, however others may have similar answer with less confidence like: "Yeaaahhhhh.......(a slow yeah...) I am very well." (an expression of not sure about his/her own words).

One interesting thing is, there are not many people who like to tell that they are in a "bad situation", they will just say "not too bad" as their expression.


intankd said...

so Cak Min,
how are you? :)
hepi bertde ya..
May God bless U forever

Minarwan said...

Not too bad Intan hehehe...

Dini said...

how about now? still not too bad? cmon... it's weekend! hehe, have a nice life :)

bank_al said...

hawa yu Cak Mien ? Not too bad or not too good ? :P

I'm so so.... :D

Minarwan said...

I am very well today. It is a great, sunny, warm and beautiful day in the late autumm, what more can I ask for? :p

Dini pasti lagi semangat juga nih, hari terhangat selama beberapa minggu terakhir.

Eh masih ada hal lain yang membuatku gembira, baru beli monitor LCD baru bokk..sorry yee pamer dikit hehehe....