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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Farewell, Dr. Mohamed Haneef...

Farewell, Dr. Mohamed Haneef, from the land of 'fair go', namely Australia, the land where everyone has equivalent rights, the land of dream, the land where the future is bright, Adios! See you around when we see you...(meaning: we most likely will not see you again, ever).

The first 10 words in the paragraph above were taken from The Sunday Age, published in Melbourne today (29th of July, 2007). It was the headline of the newspaper, covering the most recent debacle of Australian politics, where cousin of cousin of cousin of British terror suspects was mistakenly accused of helping his cousin of cousin of cousin to plan the bomb attack to Glasgow Airport.

Dr. Haneef, who has working visa as a health worker in Queensland, came to Australia on the basis of his needed skill, but because of his SIM card found in the apartment of the terror suspects, he was prosecuted in Australia.

The initial accusation was his SIM card found in a burnt car, the car that exploded in Glasgow, was used as an "evidence" of his involvement in the attack. But later it was found that the SIM card was actually seen in the apartment of his "cousins". His visa was canceled and not re-instated although it is now admitted by the Australian government that there's no basis to prosecute him (well not yet, this is what the government said).

"This is a political game.", said Jason Koutsoukis of The Age.

Indeed! It is a nasty game. And a disgraceful one, too!

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