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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

(Apparently) Free SMS

I was sent an email by a friend, telling about FREE SMS service by a website called SMSCity. Coincidently, I was looking for free SMS providers so that I can save some bucks by sending text messages over the internet, instead of using my mobil all the time. It costs me AU$0.35 to send an international text message, and I can send 20-30 messages a day, which will cost me hell lot of money. In Indonesia, it costs only Rp 350/text message, which is like AU$0.05 or five cents. Yes five cents only!

Back to SMSCity...I registered straigthaway and got my 20 credits for FREE. Then I started playing around the Send SMS page. The price of 1 international SMS costs 8 credits, which means I can send less than 3 SMSes with the my first 20 credits. The FREE SMS section itself can only be active during "Happy Hour" and for me in Australia, my happy hour is 6 PM - 7 PM everyday.

During the "Happy Hour", only 1 sms can be sent everyday and the funny thing is, if I wanted to send the 2nd one, I have to do it at 8 AM in the next morning. It is funny in my opinion because it is nearly impossible for someone to send the SMS exactly at 8 hour 00 minute 00 second. Beside that 8 AM is a time when someone is preparing to go to his/her office/school/university. Or perhaps they are not awake yet. I haven't really tried how it works, because I am not awake around this hour.

SMSCity provides a reasonable service for people who expect some freebies, obviously there are no free lunch these days, so a service like this one is good enough for me. And they allow me to buy cheap package for sending SMS as well, certainly cheaper than my mobile provider's price.

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