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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Rafa Benitez and His Analogies

For those who do not follow football (futbol), Rafa Benitez is the manager of Liverpool FC, the greatest football club in England.

Rafa likes to use analogies when he wants to make sure people get his points. When he just arrived at Liverpool, he used lamp and sofa to describe his frustration of the Valencia CF's boards. In Valencia, he wanted to buy certain player but he was given different kind of player. So he described it like this: "I wanted a lamp they gave me sofas".

Then few weeks later, he decided to sell some of Liverpool's players at the time and buy a couple players from his native Spain. The reason he was giving to the fans was "Like a table, we need to balance the numbers of its legs, if we have 3 legs only, the table will not be balance, therefore we need to buy the 4th leg".

And then when he was asked what his opinion of Chelsea FC, who have a rich owner in Abramovich, he diplomatically said: "If you have £1 million you can buy a better jacket than if you own £10,000 only", which is sensible.

And the most recent one, before the quarter final of the 2006/2007 UCL against PSV Eindhoven, he said: "This is a very important trophy and we will do our best to go as far as we can. At the moment we are swimming and we're getting closer to the beach, but we know that we could die at any time. We need to keep swimming until we reach the beach. That's why we need to keep our focus and make sure we keep playing well.". This is his analogy to ask his players to keep working hard and keep themselves focused to the task of winning the UEFA Champions League.

I am sure there more quotes to come from him in the future, but I can't predict what they are gonna be. :)

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