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Saturday, April 21, 2007

How to Educate Future Leaders?

A friend sent me this YouTube Video, showing some kind of "physical education" done by "a senior student" to his "junior students" in a government-funded university. This university is exclusively aimed at teaching and preparing the future leaders of Indonesia. The students are chosen from all provinces in the country and usually once the students graduate they will be employed as a local government official in their home town. I don't know how serious the person who punched and kicked the students was, but............. I am speechless!

1 comment:

koeniel said...

i guess in our society the military still holds alot of people in awe. try talk to some drivers or mbok jamu. they will tell you that "bapak itu 'dines' lho'" "bapak itu kayaknya 'anggota' lho mbak,pantesan bisnisnya lancar" no wonder the type of education they respected is the military style..... :)